You may have seen these delightful squid pillows before and thought, “I sure would like one of those, but I have no money!” Well I have good news for you! You can win a FREE or DISCOUNTED squid! How you ask? Let me give you some details!


There are three prize packages available!

GRAND PRIZE: One person will win the one-and-only Hodge Q. Podge (picture 1), made from the quilt I fashioned out of leftovers from commissions. You will also receive a lifetime of joy from his cuddles, and my eternal friendship.

If you are chosen as the grand prize winner, you may opt to choose second or third prize instead, and another grand prize winner will be chosen.

SECOND PLACE: One person will win a FREE squid commission of his or her design. You tell me what to make and I’ll make it at no (or at least little) expense to you! It can be any size, any color, anything at all. Doesn’t that sound swell?

If you are chosen as the second prize winner, you may opt to choose third prize instead, and another second prize winner will be chosen.

THIRD PLACE: One person will win 50% OFF the purchase price of ONE squid commission. For a large squid, that’s a savings of $35, and for a small, that’s a savings of $20! PLUS your shipping is paid up to $20! Whoa!

All prizes include $20 worth of free shipping. That is, shipping will be free for US winners, and should an international contestant be chosen, you will receive a $20 discount on shipping. While I’d like to offer shipping worldwide on this giveaway, it’s drastically expensive to mail a giant squid body pillow overseas. But you’re still getting a great deal! For international rates, check here: (click)


1: You must be following vambrace.

2: You must reblog the original squid post at least once. You may reblog it as many times as you wish, but that will not affect your chances of winning.

3: You must reblog this giveaway post, and you may like it if you so desire. There is no limit to the times you can reblog it, but please be considerate of your followers. Don’t spam them with giveaway stuff! Each like and reblog will count as one entry in the giveaway. You can set up a queue, make a schedule, reblog in waves, whatever. As far as “giveaway blogs,” I don’t really care. As long as your conscience is clear, I don’t have a problem with who wins.


The giveaway will start July 8, 2014 and will end on August 7, 2014 at midnight (Central Standard Time). Reblogs and likes from 7/8/2014 to 8/7/2014 will act as names in a hat, and three names will be drawn on August 8 before midnight.

Winners will be notified by ask box, so make sure your ask box is open. If the winner chosen does not wish to take the prize package they are drawn for, they may decline, and another name will be drawn.

The winning message will include a promo code, which will be exclusive to you. To accept your prize, you must send the promo code to within 24 hours, along with your shipping information. Once you have accepted your prize, it acts as a ticket which you may use at any time to redeem your prize package. If you win third prize or are outside the US, you may send the remainder of the money via PayPal to redeem your prize.

Winners will not be publicly announced, but I will announce that all the names have been drawn and that giveaway is over. 

That should cover it! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, you may contact me via tumblr ask box or at

Best of luck to all of you, and Go Go Squid Squad!!

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Hey there! So, you may have seen these body pillows around. You may have thought, “Wow, I sure want one of those.” Well good news! I take commissions for these cuddly lil nuggets!

Each squid is handmade with love from fleece, cotton, and felt, and stuffed with hypoallergenic 100% polyester filling.

Two sizes are available: an 8-foot body pillow, and a 4-foot cuddle buddy or travel pillow.

I can find just about any color, within reason. I am limited by what the fabric store has to offer, but the selection is great, so I can try my hardest to get the exact color you want.

Again, I am limited by what the fabric store has to offer, but I can find just about any pattern from paisley to polka dots in nearly any color. If you wish, you can request that I choose an underside for you based on the main color you choose.

I can fit the squids with an eye color, if you so desire. If not specified, your squid will come with traditional black and white eyes.
Also, three different highlights are available for your squid: original (photos 4 and 5), circles (photos 6 and 8), or crescent (photo 7). If not specified, your squid will come with original highlights.
Additionally, you may request the firmness of your pillow. There are three firmness options: firm, regular, or what I call squishy. If not specified, your squid will come with regular firmness.

Large squids are $75 (shipping not included) and small squids are $40 (shipping not included). Shipping will be $20 nationwide. International shipping is available, and those shipping prices can be viewed here.

It’s easy! Just email me at with the following information:

Underside color and pattern
Shipping Information
Eye color (optional)
Eye highlight (optional)
Firmness (optional)

I will reply to your message with the email address you’ll send money to via PayPal. If you would rather send a check or money order, I will provide you with that information at your request.

Please know that these squids are not made in a pet-free home; if you are allergic to cats please be aware that despite my efforts to keep them away from my cat, he still might have sat on the fabric while I wasn’t looking. Also note that these are made with FLEECE; if you have a fleece allergy, please do not buy these pillows. The filling of the pillows is guaranteed hypoallergenic BY THE COMPANY, NOT BY ME. If it turns out you have an allergy to the stuffing, sue them, not me. I am not responsible for any injuries that happen from your enjoyment with my pillows.

Thank you all so much for the support so far! I hope you consider purchasing one of my squids, I have a 100% satisfaction rate so far. And please, spread the word!


as much as i love my american girls, i would be super happy if tori, giulia, or roxi won scam.

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That was like the winter Olympic version of Tim’s “TWO FLIPS TWO TWISTS!”

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Ebee and McKayla at camp (21/1/2014)


Mattie retiring is the most depressing thing I’ve heard all week

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haha Jordyn…

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PQST’s Guide to Common FX Leaps & Jumps, Part 1: A & B Leaps


First, a couple of definitions.

A leap is a type of dance element that takes off (pushes off the floor) from one leg.

A jump is a dance element that takes off from both legs.

1. The Split Leap (A)

The most basic of all leaps, and the building block for more advanced leaps, the split leap takes off of one leg and lands on the other, reaching a full split in the air. During the leap, the leg that the gymnast used to push off the floor extends fully behind her, while the other (leading) leg extends fully in front of her, forming a full, square split position in the air. Her hips and torso should face forward, toward the foot of her leading leg. The back leg should be turned under, kneecap pointing toward the floor.


2. The Side Leap (A)

In a side leap, the gymnast takes off exactly as she would for a split leap, but as she pushes off the floor, leading with her favored leg, she executes a 1/4 turn in the air so that she reaches a full side or straddle split position at the apex of the leap. During this straddle position, her knees should face the ceiling and her chest should be upright with the arms in front or in crown.


3. The Tour Jete (B)

The tour jete is the basis for many of the difficult turning leaps that elites compete on floor, including the tour jete 1/2 (or split full), the Gogean, and the Ferrari. Pushing off of one leg, the gymnast swings her favored leg up to horizontal as she leaves the floor, then executes a quick half turn in the air before hitting a full split, keeping her favored leg extended in front of her and her take off leg extended behind her. She lands facing the opposite direction in which she began the leap.


4. The Switch Leap (or Change Leg Leap) (B)

In a switch leap, the gymnast pushes off the floor with her favored leg, swinging her non-favored leg briefly forward (to 45 degrees) before sharply changing legs mid-air, so that the favored leg swings forward to full extension in front and the non-favored leg moves to full extension in back. The apex of the leap is a full, 180 degree split with the gymnast’s good leg in front and bad leg in back, the hips square and the chest upright. During first portion of the leap, the gymnast’s favored arm extends out front and the non-favored arm extends out to the side (the arm in front should be the opposite of the leg in front). When the leg change occurs, the arm that is extended out front moves to the side, so that both arms are out to the side, parallel to the floor, while the legs are in full split.


5. The Switch Side (Johnson) (B)

The switch side is to the switch leap what the side leap is to the split leap, meaning that it adds a 1/4 turn before the apex of the leap. In a switch side leap, the gymnast pushes off with her favored leg, swinging her non-favored leg first forward (to at least 45 degrees), then back as the favored leg swings forward just like in the switch leap. However, in a switch side, the gymnast initiates a 1/4 turn as the leg change occurs, so that the apex of the leap is a full straddled split position, with the knees facing the ceiling and the chest upright. It’s important in the switch side to show an even, upright straddled split position at the apex of the leap with both legs at the same height, rather than a lopsided position with one leg higher than the other.


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